Selling or Renting

Selling or renting service by Jasmine HomexReselling your property in Alanya can be an unknown experience for a vast number of real estate owners. Alanya has been the hotspot for buying and selling property since the longest time. At the time, however, there were no provisions of solicitors. Thus, any people who are looking to resell their property do not know how to go about the entire process. This is where we at Jasmine Homex step in. We are well versed in the art of dealing with lawyers and solicitors for property, and employ nothing but the best to partner with us. So if you are looking to resell or rent your property with Jasmine Homex, rest assured that you have come to the correct place.

One of the main ways the process of sales s different in Turkey as compared to other countries is that you will get payments from the buyer/buyers account which are inclusive of all the costs of the sales, without any interference by a third party. No money is ever exchanged via a lawyer or through us, and thus this ensures that you receive the full amount and not a deduction from your originally discussed price. Furthermore, we do not ask for any hidden surcharges, which also ensures that you will not receive a lesser amount that you were originally promised.

Things to keep at hand before selling or renting your property

  • You should have the property insurance at hand, as this is something which is important to every real estate owner to possess in the state of Turkey. The property insurance protects you against any material losses which you may incur as a result of natural disasters such as a flood, earthquake, tsunami or landslide.
  • Your TAPU or title deed must be completely up to date, with no misgivings anywhere.
  • All your bills must be paid off, including site fees such as maintenance for apartments.
  • If you are reselling your property while renting it out, then make sure to alert us of the situation, so that we can correctly advise you on how to move ahead with the business.

Why Choose Us For Selling Your Property ?

  • All our employees are locals, thus ensuring that they know absolutely everything about the areas that you are looking to buy a house in. Thus, they will be able to guide you correctly to the perfect sale.
  • All our employees and our partners such as solicitors are chosen especially for their expertise and talents. We never employ the people we do not believe in. Thus, you are moving ahead with the complete surety of trust.
  • We take on property which we know will be completely loved by the buyers. If there are any issues in your house, we aim to solve them to the best of our abilities.
  • We are complete professionals- we do not remove your house from the market till the buyer has completed the purchase, as it would only lead to wastage of time on your part should they decide not to go ahead with the final deal.
  • We have a number of solicitors who can oversee your contract in the best manner possible, and will ensure that the final deal struck is in the interest of both the buyer and the seller.

Renting Your Property

A majority of the foreigners who own real estate in Alanya do not utilise it all year round. They are there mainly during the summertime, and the rest of the year, the house usually lies defunct and unused. However, not using the house physically does not mean that you are exempt from paying the monthly cheque for maintenance. Furthermore, security also becomes a huge factor to consider in this regard. Which is why, if you are not physically present in your house for the majority of the year, it makes utmost sense to put up your house for rent. And we at Jasmine Homex shall help you in this endeavour.

Why Choose Us For Renting Your Property ?

For us at Jasmine Homex, nothing matters more than the satisfaction of our clients. When you come to us for putting your property up for rent, we employ the following steps in order to ensure that you receive nothing but the best quality service from us;

  • All the potential tenants are thoroughly screened before accepting them, in order to ensure that they will not conduct themselves in an ill- fitting manner, including redoing your home or leaving in the middle of the month with unpaid bills for you
  • We will correctly prepare a lease, keeping in mind the requests of both the parties.
  • We will arrange everything on your behalf, including the moving in of your tenant and monitoring the house when it is empty.
  • If you so desire, we shall be able to receive the monthly rent on your behalf and directly transfer the money to you. This ensures that you will be able to receive your full amount in a timely fashion, without any unwanted delays and hassles.
  • We shall ensure that your bills for the month are fully paid in time, including your water, electricity, and maintenance charges.
  • If your tenant is planning to move out, then we shall arrange for their exit in a manner which is methodical and hassle free for you. In addition, we will also look for a new tenant for you.

Guaranteed Rent

We shall also provide you with guaranteed rent, which is a process of leaving your property to us without any hassles, and being ensured of a guaranteed income every year.

We shall manage all the monetary and fees aspects of your company, including the payment of the monthly bills and maintenance fees. Thus, this is a guaranteed stress- free way of improving your income. Thus, irrespective of whether you have tenants in your home or not, you will be able to put up your house on lease. This will also enable you to receive foreign currency as income, thus increasing your annual income further. Thus, regardless of whether you have new tenants or not, you will continue to receive a stipulated guaranteed income.

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