Mortgage in Turkey

Mortgage service in Turkey by Jasmine HomexAs a foreign national, your ease and convenience of buying a home for yourself in the district of Alanya, Turkey has become majorly simplified. Banks are now allowed to give mortgages to foreign nationals, provided they can prove to the bank that they can pay it off. And for us at nothing matters more than the convenience of our clients. For this purpose, we ensure that we are there by your side throughout the process of getting your mortgage in Turkey, and assure you that we will aim to ease your progress at every stage.

Mortgage Documents that you will require

The documents you require for a mortgage ultimately boil down to just one aspect- you should be able to successfully convince the bank that you have the money to be able to pay off the mortgage. Moreover, all the documents will need to be prepared according to the correct accordance; otherwise, you are in danger of your request for a mortgage being rejected. If you have any questions about the mortgage system or any issues that you need addressed, do not hesitate to contact us today!

To apply for a mortgage for you home, you would need to open your own bank account first. And we at Jasmine Homex can help you do that without any added fees or surcharges. To open your bank account in any branch of Turkey, you would need the following receipts:

Original and copies of your passport and your notary translation:

  • Your tax ID number, which you can receive from any tax office branch near you. However, if you are facing hassles at this stage, then we at Jasmine Homex are more than happy to procure your tax ID for you.

  • The proof of your address in your country. Your address proof can be anything from your water and electricity bill, to your internet utility bill. Any place that has your address printed on it can be counted as valid proof.

  • With these documents, you will be able to successfully open your own bank account in Alanya. However, the process for applying for a mortgage goes a step further, and includes;

  • Your proof of income. As stated above, this is the most important step in successfully securing your mortgage. Any bank will first make sure that you have the means of paying them back, before actually providing you with what you require.

  • If you own a business or a company, then you would be required to provide up to three months of bank statements.

  • Having your TAPU or the state issued title deed of your property is a must, in order to secure a mortgage.

Within 3 to 4 days, you shall receive a rough approval from the bank, stating that your request for a mortgage has been processed and the official progress shall begin shortly. Once the thorough assessment is completed, the bank begins the process of your mortgage. If all your papers are in order, then you will face no hassles during this process. To know more, contact us today!

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