About Us

We are trustworthy

We keep customer information in a special place. Even if your customer communicates with us without you, it remains as your customer. We inform you about the status of the sale at every stage of the sales process that is to keep you in the sale process.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Complaints have always been annoying. We take care of your customer and guarantee their satisfaction during and after sale. Because we offer both convenient and professional service!

Portfolio Superiority

We cannot know what the customer demands and likes. We need to have a portfolio to meet expectations under any circumstance and be prepared for everything about sales. Since we are always in a dialogue with the property owner; there are no last-minute surprises, turmoil or deal breakings.

Our portfolio is divided into two as second hand and original sales.

  • We work with all reliable construction companies in our region.

  • We have the best portfolio in Alanya which is our area of main activity. We have a portfolio filled with all kinds of real estate properties from the lowest price to the most luxurious which are suitable to the demands of every customer.

We are professional

After learning the demands of our guest, we show the most optimal options suitable for them and focus on sales. Our corporate office, vehicle fleet and our services we provide are above the standard.

We Speak Every Language

We have staff who speak all foreign languages ​​actively used in the region and many of them are from that nationality. We have professional sales staff who are experienced and confident of their knowledge and who will strengthen the reputation of our office and agency.

Ease of Payment

We have special agreements with banks for our customers who want to take loans. We provide loans to our foreign customers at a special rate. Moreover, we handle all transactions on behalf of the customer. All they need to do is going to the branch and signing.

Sales Agreement

All our terms and conditions are written in the contract and we follow them carefully. The customer may have their own requests or different payment plans. Our legal infrastructure are solid to protect you, us and the customers.

Commission Payment

On the day the sale is made and the deed is registered, your commission is deposited to your bank account.

Selling Rates

This is the point we are most happy to mention: We Can Sell 

We know that agencies working with construction companies and other real estate agents have rates of 10% - 15% of "directed customer to actual sales".

Since construction companies focus on selling their own projects, the rates of competing companies are much lower than us. Thanks to our experienced sales staff, strength of our portfolio, and our sales opportunities, we turn 80% of the directed customers to actual sales. Most importantly, your guests are treated worthily and leave happy.

If you want to meet, discuss and talk about all details without losing time, simply fill out the form we prepared for you and send it to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Meet Our Team

Zaur İsrafilov

Digital Marketing

Languages TR EN RU

Şahin Aslan

Portfolio Manager

Languages TR

Екатерина Гродзицкая

Sales Manager

Languages TR EN RU