Property Valuation

Property valuation service by Jasmine HomexThe demand for property in Alanya is increasing with each passing day. More and more property buyers and investors, especially foreign nationals, are recognising the importance of a house in this beautiful district of the Mediterranean Sea. The houses in this district are not only special to live in, they are also perfect opportunities to invest in and resell at a later date. Thus for these purposes, it is but natural that you would want to know the proper value of the house that you are looking to buy in Alanya.

There are two major ways to determine the correct valuation of your property in Alanya, and we at Jasmine Homex can help you in this endeavour. There are mainly two ways of determining the value of your property, both of which are applied by us.

Property Valuation in Turkey

The value of your real estate is not generalised over a small period of time, especially if you are looking to live in it. The price of your property grows, slowly but eventually. There are four main ways by which the value and future growth of your real estate is determined:

  • Transferability: This is the rate by which your property can be easily transferred to a new owner. This process is completed by the handing over of the ISKAN. Till that document is not officially handed over to the new owner, the process of transferring your property on to the new owner remains incomplete.

  • Demand: People buy houses for a simple reason- a need for ownership, and the means to buy a house for themselves. This is also what helps determine the real estate value of a property- the more people who have a desire for owning your property, the higher its value will increase.

  • Scarcity: Real estate, like everything else, is extremely limited. This is true especially in houses that are in locations which are in a lot of demand. Thus, depending on your surrounding locations, you will be able to effectively increase the real estate value of your property.

  • Utility: The utility of your house and your location are also extremely important. For example, if your property is near a hospital or a public transport system, its real estate value will increase drastically.

Thus, real estate values become an extremely important point to remember when buying a property in Alanya.

Project Valuation

The project valuation of your property depends on a simple idea- how much is putting effort into your property worth? This question has a wide variety of answers. For example- you may be looking towards renovating your kitchen or your living room. However, project valuation determines whether this renovation will have any effect on the resale value of your house. Alanya is filled with a wide variety of house- old, new, and a mixture of both. So how necessary is it to renovate your property if you are planning to resell it in the long run? This is what a project valuation will determine for you.

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