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Lawyer service by Jasmine HomexBuying a home is not something that people partake in on a regular basis, especially overseas. If it does, these things happen just once in a lifetime. Thus, it makes sense to assume that you would want nothing but the best for the one time that you are planning to buy a house in a new country. Thus, you should only trust the best and the most trusted lawyers in this case, who will be able to tell you all the aspects of buying the property in the correct manner. This is where we at Jasmine Homex step in. We are known to work with nothing but the best lawyers in the business, who will give you exactly what you deserve, and will not keep you out of the loop on anything which is taking place. We only partner with lawyers once all their credentials have gone through a thorough examination by our team of professionals, and are very picky about who we partner with.

A solicitor will check the following facts for you in the office of the TAPU or the title deed, in order to ensure that you get nothing but the best price in your new house:

  • Whether you have a basement, and the condition it is in.

  • Whether the previous owners of the house have a mortgage attached with their property, which will ultimately result in you having additional expenses that you did not ask for, if this is not checked properly.

  • Lien, tax debt, and any other hidden debts and surcharges that the previous owner may be hiding from you.

  • Your solicitor will check the TAPU thoroughly for you, ensuring that the previous owners of the house are exactly who they state they are, and that all their affairs are in order. If there is any discrepancy in the TAPU, no matter if it is big or small, your new home will not be handed over to you even if you have paid full money for it.

  • The solicitor will also check the ISKAN, which the building permit which authorises that the house is completely safe to live in. However, an ISKAN will only be applicable if you are buying the house at resale. For a property which is still in construction or in a relatively new building, the ISKAN will not be that necessary at the moment.

The solicitor will then draw up a contract which shall be to the consideration of both the parties- the buyer and the seller. If there are any points of consideration that have not been discussed by the two parties or if there is some aspect that they disagree on, the job of the solicitor then becomes to draw up a contract legitimising both their claims and deliberating the facts with them will everyone is on the same page.

At Jasmine Homex, we will overlook every aspect of the sales process for you, from the start to the end. We do not charge you any additional fees or surcharges for our services.

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